Since 2000


Since 2000

Lafrouji Avocats is a renowned law firm in Casablanca which has developed over the years and through the efforts of its multidisciplinary lawyers an experience and a mastery of international quality standards in the field enabling it to become a privileged interlocutor of Moroccan and international clients.

OUR SKILLS & Services

Ongoing Legal Support

  • Our involvement may also consist of continuous and regular legal support for our clients in addressing the legal aspects and issues they encounter in the course of their activities. This type of mission allows us to quickly grasp the client’s business sector and the challenges they face, enabling us to provide legal responses and solutions tailored to their business needs.
  • In the context of such a mission, we work together with the client to define the framework for personalized legal support, which can extend over a period of six months or a renewable year. The client can contact us at any time, for instance, to demand:
      • Legal consultation on a question related to business law in a broad sense (labor law, real estate law, contract law, commercial law, corporation law, competition law, personal data protection, financial law, etc.);
      • Legal due diligence, Social Audit, IP Audit, Litigation Audit;
      • Review of a commercial contract or lease;
      • Assistance in the context of a pre-litigation procedure (sending a formal notice letter, negotiation of an amicable agreement, drafting of legal documentation). 


Lafrouji Avocats and its team of lawyers stands as a premier legal partner, leveraging its expertise to guide clients through the intricate pre-litigation phase. Our strategic deployment encompasses nuanced negotiation strategies, emergency procedures, and the implementation of provisional and conservatory measures. This proactive approach is meticulously crafted to safeguard our clients’ interests, fortify their legal position, and optimize negotiation leverage. As a leading law firm in Morocco, we are committed to delivering top-notch legal services, positioning ourselves as the go-to choice for individuals and businesses seeking exceptional legal representation.


Litigation before all Moroccan courts (civil, labor, commercial, criminal, administrative –including customs).

Thanks to the diverse expertise of its lawyers, Lafrouji Avocats excels in a diverse range of litigation areas in Morocco, including:

  • Commercial Disputes: Resolving conflicts arising from business transactions, contracts, and commercial relationships.
  • Labor and Employment Disputes: Navigating complexities in employment law, including disputes related to contracts, termination, and workplace issues.
  • Real Estate Litigation: Handling matters such as property disputes, lease agreements, and land use conflicts.
  • Intellectual Property Disputes: Protecting clients’ rights through litigation involving trademarks, patents, and copyright infringement.
  • Civil Litigation: Representing clients in a broad spectrum of civil cases, including personal injury, property damage, and contract disputes.
  • Administrative Law Disputes: Challenging governmental decisions and navigating regulatory compliance issues.
  • Family Law Disputes: Assisting clients in matters such as divorce, child custody, and spousal support.
  • Criminal Defense: Representing individuals facing criminal charges related to white-collar crimes, embezzlement corporate, compliance, cybercrime and regulatory offenses.

By offering comprehensive legal services across these areas, Lafrouji Avocats establishes a strong online presence, positioning the firm as a top choice for individuals and businesses seeking expert legal representation in Morocco.


Domestic & international arbitration

  • Lafrouji Avocats excels in representing clients in both domestic and international arbitration, engaging in proceedings either ad hoc or under the auspices of various national and international arbitration institutions. Our dedicated legal team collaborates seamlessly with international law firms to ensure the effective enforcement of awards in favor of our clients. 
  • We actively explore third-party funding solutions for clients seeking financial support, providing a comprehensive approach to legal representation. This robust suite of services positions Lafrouji Avocats as a top choice for individuals and businesses seeking legal expertise in Morocco.


Lafrouji Avocats specializes in aiding clients and foreign law firms in the enforcement of international arbitration awards or decisions within Morocco against Moroccan debtors. Our expertise in the implementation of arbitration outcomes ensures effective resolution, making us a top choice for navigating the intricacies of enforcing awards in the Moroccan legal landscape.


  • Lafrouji Avocats stands as a dedicated partner, guiding and supporting clients across a diverse array of industries through the intricate process of negotiating and finalizing their international contracts. Leveraging a wealth of expertise, the firm excels in navigating the complexities of diverse international trade agreements within sectors such as manufacturing, technology, finance, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, hospitality, and consumer goods. 
  • Our proficiency extends to various types of agreements, including sales contracts, charter party agreements, franchise arrangements, distribution contracts, licensing agreements, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures that Lafrouji Avocats provides tailored legal solutions, effectively addressing the unique needs of businesses operating in different industries.

Regulatory law

  • Our firm specializes in Moroccan regulatory law, providing tailored solutions across diverse sectors such as customs, banking regulations governed by Bank Al-Maghrib, and compliance requirements from other public institutions. Our client-centric approach goes beyond mere advisory services; we actively collaborate with you to ensure seamless compliance and obtain necessary authorizations for operating within regulated activities. By anticipating challenges and implementing proactive strategies, we facilitate your smooth market entry and sustained compliance with regulatory standards. With our deep expertise and commitment to your success, we simplify the regulatory process, allowing you to focus on driving growth and achieving your business objectives confidently.


  • At Lafrouji Avocats, we offer comprehensive legal support tailored to every stage of your company’s journey. From incorporation to mergers & acquisitions, employee relations, and reorganization & liquidation, our experienced team provides strategic guidance and proactive solutions. We assist with incorporation, draft shareholders’ agreements, and provide counsel on mergers & acquisitions. Our expertise extends to employment law matters, reorganization strategies, and intellectual property protection. Additionally, we offer contract drafting and review services to mitigate legal risks. At Lafrouji Avocats, we are committed to empowering your business success with our dedicated legal support.

Our Clients & Values

Our Clients’ Industries

Lafrouji Avocats and its lawyers leverages its extensive expertise in Moroccan and international law to cater to a diverse clientele. Our services extend to companies of all sizes, international law firms, and individuals seeking legal assistance. With a commitment to rigor, expertise, integrity, and a profound understanding of the Moroccan legal landscape, our firm stands as a key player in addressing the legal needs of our clients in alignment with international standards of legal services. Whether you’re a business navigating complex regulations, an international law firm seeking local insights, or an individual with legal concerns, Lafrouji Avocats is dedicated to providing tailored and top-notch legal solutions. Explore our comprehensive services and discover how our proficiency can meet your unique legal requirements in the following industries :

Manufacturing, Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Real-Estate, Transportation, Entertainment, and Environmental.



Our Core Values:

Expertise: At Lafrouji Avocats, we prioritize an unwavering commitment to expertise in both Moroccan and international law. This commitment underscores our dedication to providing exceptional legal services of the highest quality to a diverse clientele.

Integrity: We are unwavering in our dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity. Our firm prioritizes the avoidance of conflicts of interest, fostering relationships that are built on a foundation of trust and transparency.

Client-Centric Approach: Lafrouji Avocats values its diverse clientele deeply. We pride ourselves on offering tailored and top-notch legal solutions to companies of all sizes, international law firms, and individuals. Our client-centric approach is evident in our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique legal needs of each client.

Industry Specialization: Our firm places significant value on industry specialization. This is exemplified by our successful representation of clients spanning a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, technology, finance, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, hospitality, and consumer goods.


Mohammed Lafrouji

Lawyer at the Bar of Casablanca

+212 (5) 22 47 55 29

Mohammed Lafrouji is a Moroccan Attorney at law and has been a member of the Casablanca Bar since 2000 and is the founder of Lafrouji Avocats.

Before joining the bar, Mohammed Lafrouji was a judge for 20 years in several courts in the Kingdom of Morocco. Mohammed Lafrouji has a thorough knowledge of civil law and in particular of issues related to real estate, whether registered or not.

Mohammed Lafrouji has recently acted as :

  • Counsel to a major Moroccan exporting company in the agricultural sector in several disputes before the Moroccan courts.
  • Counsel to several public and private hospital in their litigations.
  • Counsel on hereditary disputes.
  • Counsel to companies in an administrative dispute against the Moroccan administration.

Mohammed Lafrouji is accredited by the Moroccan Court of Cassation.

Mohammed Lafrouji speaks Arabic and French 

Amal Mazouzi

Lawyer at the Bar of Casablanca

+212 (5) 22 47 55 29

Before joining the Casablanca Bar, Amal Mazouzin a Moroccan Attorney at law at the firm, worked in several law firms as a lawyer where she acquired considerable experience in labour law, civil law and insolvency law.

Amal Mazouzi has recently acted as :

  • Counsel in a major employment case protecting the interests of several employees who’s contracts were unlawfully terminated.
  • Counsel to a major real estate company in the context of its disputes with its tenants.
  • Counsel in real estate cases before the Moroccan courts.
  • Counsel to landlords in their disputes with their tenants. 

Area of expertise : labor law, insolvency law, real estate law, family law and landlord-tenant law. 

Amal Mazouzi speaks Arabic, French and Spanish.

Reda Lafrouji

Lawyer at the Bar of Casablanca

+212 (5) 22 47 55 29

Reda Lafrouji is a Moroccan attorney at law registered at the Bar of Casablanca. Before joining the bar, Reda Lafrouji acquired a solid experience in business law and in international law.

He regularly advises Moroccan and international companies in corporate and business law: incorporation of companies, drafting of license agreements, registration of patents, international contracts, business litigation (including emergency procedures, provisional measures, disputes between partners).

Reda has recently acted as :

  • Counsel in an arbitration in English before the ICC in Paris relating to a dispute between shareholders of a pan-African energy company where Moroccan law was applicacle. 
  • Counsel in an arbitration in English before the SCAI (now SAC) in Geneva relating to a dispute between a distributor and its supplier where Swiss law was applicable.
  • Counsel in an arbitration in French before the ICC in Paris relating to a dispute between a travel agency and an airline association where French law was applicable.
  • Counsel to a major French construction company in its disputes with its consultants.

Area of expertise : Commercial Arbitration (ad hod & international), transport law (maritime & road), franchise law, labor law, construction law and energy law. 

Reda Lafrouji speaks and works in Arabic, French, English and Spanish.

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